In time, events happen and leaders will produce heirs, others will pass away or do both.


Aurelia and Calaena. Twin daughters of Emperor Artillius and Empress Erin Fortuna . First to get married is the first to take control of Acliminium following the death of the parents. Unless a male is born to the couple. (Humans)
Born on: 1/16/2018*

Cassian. Son of Kinsey Westly and Hardouin. Technical heir of Zon OR to his father's outpost, whichever is of the choosing for the boy. (Human)
Born on: 1/16/2018*

Edwyrd. Son of King Nym and Queen Eliseris Zylkrana. Prince of Aerlinn. He's been cursed to be an alcoholic when he is older due to his expedited arrival by Yulla. (Elf)
Born on: 2/8/2018*

Mor, Daughter of Korin and Cheiftan Roark. She is an Orc and the daughter of the Cheif of the Orc Tribe Gedra.(Orc)
Born on: 2/14/2018*

Nephenee. Daughter of Nym and Elerisis Zylkrana. Princess of Aerlinn. An utterly bratty girl, just like her dad. (Elf)
Born on:3/11/2018*

Caspian. Son of Queen Veaer and King Percival Pearl . Prince of Isthmia. The cherished child of the King and Queen of Isthmia. Highly protected at all times. He is bubbly and energetic and tends to have magic spurts that end up messing hitting Percival for the most part.(Oceyrian)
Born on: 3/11/2018*


Leaders that have passed away:

Artilius Fortuna, Emperor of The Alcliminite Empire, father of Celaena and Aurelia. Husband of Erin.
Cause of death: **
Date of passing:3/16/2018*

Roark, Chief of Gedra. Father of Mor. Lover of Korin.
Cause of death: Fatal blow from a Elven arrow, shot by a member of Vom Kuldir.
Date of passing: 3/16/2018*

Ulysses, Cheif of Zon.
Cause of death:
Decapitation by the hands of Hardouin, after attacking the human fort near Zon.
Date of passing: 1/7/2018*

* In-game date will be updated.
**Will be updated later.