Name: Nadal Abaeir

Age: 120

Gender: Male

Class: Ranger/Hunter

Social Status: Outsider/Mercenary

Deity: Sither/ Cyqualla

Appearance: Nadal is a rather rugged looking elf in comparison to his brethrens standards as he keeps his facial hair trimmed to A Medium Stubble. while doing work on his homestead whether it be simple farm work, horse breeding, or construction he often works bare-chested to avoid overheating. however, while he travels off the homestead or on any trip that will last home more than a day. he also tends to carry a worn quiver filled with home-made arrows and an old bow with some elvish words transcribed into the wood on the handle.

In regards to scarring Nadal has multiple whip marks across his back from his younger days of needing to steal and beg to survive along with some smaller claw and bite marks on his shoulder and chest area.

Mental Stability: Nadal has a deep set insecurity of people he meets ending up not liking him because of being kicked out his families home when he was nothing more than a child by his Step-Father. to cope with this since he lives alone he has little signs around his home to remind himself of his self-worth and spends a lot of time around others reminding others of their own.

Language: Common/Elvish


Nadal was born in humble beginnings with his mother being more of a home-body with her being the main parent in his memories from helping her with the skinning of the game that his father would catch from hare to bucks, sewing up clothes and restringing his fathers bow. by the time he was 16 his father began to teach him the basics of being a hunter. he taught Nadal how to track game, maintain his clothes and weapons, and how to properly worship Sither while on the hunt, and Cyqualla while at home. on his 20th birthday his step-father had come out late in a drunken stupor coming home from the local tavern, after a rather large fight with Nadal's mother, Nadal was approached by his father and tossed out into the street from him home.

until he reached his teen years Nadal was a child begger and a petty thief on the street, he would use the money he got begging to maintain his peasent clothing and frequently stole food from vendors. over the time he was a begger he made a few friends out of other beggers such as his close friend Alizar, a goblin who has mentored him on how to persuade the passerby's into donating more money, Alizar has always told Nadal of his dreams to eventually make it big running a crime family and all the luxuries the two would indulge it when they struck it big. Nadal was eventually caught by a rather quick vendor and was turned into the guards. from there he was hauled into the town square and tied up too two giant wooden spikes with his shirt torn from his meager frame as a whip cracked 12 times across his back, leaving distinct scars that are still on him to present day.

he left his hometown when he finally stole himself a bow from the guard barracks, from there he traveled as far as he could from his hometown hunting game and fishing as he went until he found the island off the mainland where he began to build NightFall Farm with a large oaken bridge connecting the two landmasses. since his little discovery he has been hard at work turning that little island into a farm hermitage and a place for him to get away from others.


he has trained since he was young with a bow and its his weapon of choice when forced to fight, however he is still decent with a sword but is easily overpowered by a trained warrior.

Nadal learned early on in life that the words you use decide how peoplesee you, so he self-taught himself how to speak eloquently like the nobles in royal courts.

Nadal is very Empathetic toward the down-trodden and homeless and will frequently take time out of his day to volunteer to help them or buy beggars food for the day. he also loves to spend time around children as he has always wanted a family of his own, to prove more to himself than his father that he would be a better parental figure.


It does not take much to cause Nadal to question his own self-worth and others perception of him. its very easy to cause him to lose hope and confidence in both himself and others.

Because of his Empathetic nature, he is too trusting of others which leads him to frequently being pickpocketed, robbed, etc. or not noticing someones ulterior motives even when told them or their motives being obvious.

if he is not in a long range fight he will most likely run or try to hide to use his bow instead of getting locked down in a close combat fight.

Home-made bow
1 Short sword
Quiver of Arrows
Skinning Knife

Alignment: Neutral Good


Alizar: Mentor

Famiy: Mother (Alive), Father (alive), Sister (Alive)

Trusted: Alizar, His Sister

Friends: Alizar

Hated: None

Romantic: None

Sexuality: Bi