Shino Nilvalen

-Basic Information-





Social Status:
None, a lone Elf

None in particular

Usually wearing a common Elven Archer clothes that she found in the burned down ruins of her formor home.

Her height is 5.6 feet, and has an athletic build from her experience in the wilderness, hunting, agriculture. She is also very thin and has white hair, and yellowish white eyes. She normally has a magic circle floating above her head containing Magical Energy (Mana).



Born in a small house in a little far Elven territory between two Elven parents
who died in a fire when a lightning struck their home in a lightning storm.

Since then she lived in a small cave in the middle of a forest. She survived and
gained knowledge from the books that were safely hidden under the stone floorboard.
She also stole books from libraries and from traders.

She later decided to stow away in a human trading ship, where she then went to
unknown territory in the forest near the human settlement.

Though the fact that she has spent in the wilderness still lacks her knowledge
in social systems and racism, she is still intelligent and is able to fluently speak
in human tongue and in the Elven language.


-A good sniper (Good at using bows nowhere
near as good as a really good Rangers class characters, however, but does have a decently accurate )
-Excellent with one hand swords and dual wielding them along with using knives
-Good at Oral communication with Humans and Elves.
-Good strategic and tactical mindset
-Extremely dangerous when her mental state goes haywire. (Goes Insane)
-Decent, average physical condition.
-Has a lot of wisdom and very intelligent due to reading a lot of books.
-Silent, can easily sneak up and steal/assassinate.


-Easily distracted.
-Can easily be disarmed if opponent can out-
smart her.
-Can easily beaten in a pure strength match.
-Her mental (Sane) state can easily be broken.
-Suffers from being alone for so long.
-Very/too quiet.

Though she is patient and calm most of the time she does get annoyed pretty
easily. She also loves to read and obtain knowledge and wisdom. She is also
very quiet and civilized despite being in the wilderness for a long time. She
is nice at first, but after she mentally breaks down, she becomes sadistic. She
also cares little to none and she is not nationalistic at all for her race. She also
lacks in caring about the lives of anyone from the races, however cares a lot about
the animals.

Demon Blade
A Battle Axe
2 Cobalt Swords
A Vampire Stake

Neutral Good

Family members: