-Basic Information-





Social Status:

None in particular

Usually wearing either both his Lorica
and Galea, along with
the red garments typical of the Legion, otherwise wearing either travel clothes
or, in formal occasions, his Toga Picta

Standing at 1,90 meters or 6,2
feet,, he has an athletic and fit build, that wouldn’t be out of place in a
medium-weight martial artist.

He has a rugged and handsome
visage, marred by a scar crossing his right eye. His hair is auburn, and said
eyes are grey.

Speaks Common Tongue as a native would (he IS one, after all), is fluent in
Dwarvish and Goblin, and can understand Elfic fairly well (and speak a bit of
it), both fruit of his travels with his uncle.


Born the scion of a wealthy Nobilis family in Acliminium, he was given the
level of education expected of a lineage of said standing, being tutored in
mathematics, alchemy and rhetoric, an a few other more secondary subjects. When
he was 14, his family sent him to work with his uncle, Flavius Ceionius, owner of
a merchant company of renown, who often traveled to do business himself.

As his uncle’s personal assistant, he accompanied him in his travels, which
mostly encompassed other parts of Human territory, Dwarf and Goblin lands and
even the few elven settlements that are not completely isolated from the rest
of the world. In said travels, however, he also witnessed firsthand the brutal
Orc attacks on his kind.

Once he was 21, he was deemed ready to return to his homeland. Upon his
return, he enlisted the Legion, joining the ranks as a minor centurion, the
lack of Centuriae in need of commanders, however, left him in a peculiar
position. Fortunately for Marcus, his experiences and talents were noticed by
command, and thus was placed in charge of a small Frumentarii detachment, which
both acted as a direct combat unit (combined with other centuriae) and as a
guerrilla force, bringing havoc to the rear echelon of the enemy (in this case,
Orc) armies.

Still, the fact that he has spent relatively little time in the Capital
proper means that he has little knowledge of the intricacy of the internal
politics in it, as well as some of the most specific minutiae of social
protocol in the higher circles of society.


-Competent bowman (nowhere
near as good as dedicated Rangers, however)
-Excellent with a Pilum, and
by extension most javelins (as expected of a legionnaire)
-Masterful orator, skill
acquired during most of his life (was taught rhetoric, worked as a merchant
with his uncle, then as on officer had to both motivate his men and women)
-Pretty good strategic and
tactical mind

-Extremely dangerous with a
Scutum and Gladius (Hispaniensis, in his case), to top it off he didn’t let the
pesky fact that these are weapons designed to hold the line and stab get in the
way of his creativity, and has come up with a few techniques to use them as
individual weapons, rather than in formation.
-Good horse rider
-Excellent physical condition (as expected of a legionnaire)


Being well traveled and educated has shaped enormously his personality.
Said travels helped him to get in contact with other civilizations from a young
age, meaning that most of the nationalism and racism typical of his race are
lost in him (that does not mean, however, that he is completely devoid of them,
and his feelings of sympathy to other races can make him come across as
condescending in some situations). They also exposed him to the misery of those
less fortunate, and made him a compassionate man by nature.

The scorn he does not show to most non-human races, however, is reserved to
Orcs. He has seen firsthand their lack of mercy and brutality against humans,
and regards their whole civilization as barbaric. He is determined to destroy
the threat they pose to Humanity, whether that means eradicating them or
civilizing them (half-bloods, however, he has no inherent issue with, as long
as they aren’t part of Orc society).

He is still a positive and friendly man by nature, and it’s his dream to
see Humanity forge an alliance with other “civilized” (what would be civilized
by his standards, of course) nations, and live in peace.

Lawful Good

Family members:


He met fellow traders Madeline Valentina (IGN:Molliedale) and Isabella Lawrence
(IGN:cutiepie270) during his youth.