The following will be a guideline to our disease plugin!
I'm going to let you know about the crafting recipes that are listed in the disease plugin so it's definitely worth a read, especially if you plan on staying as good a gold! However if you happen to come across mounds of gold, you can simply used the doctor signs placed in towns, these will cost you 50 gold, however.

Here is a list of all the diseases in the plugin: The cures for each disease is listed in light blue.

FleshWound - Caused by breaking blocks wit a bare fist. Has no effect unleess not cured with a bandage, the infection chance is increased if this is the case. - Bandage Cure
YellowFever - Contracted in the jungle, fever and sneezing begins ans it is contagious to others - Potion Cure
WhoopingCough - Contracted in the desert, wheezing and coughing, is contagious - Potion Cure
Plague (Yeesh!) - Contracted by damage from zombies, fever, vomiting and sneezing, contagious - Potion Cure
Cholera - Contracted by drining uncleaned water, sickness, vomiting - Potion Cure
Broken Leg - Conracted (pretty obviously) by taking fall damage, slowness until it is repaired - Crafted Splint Cure
Pneumonia - Contracted by staying in the cold for too long, slowness, coughing - Heated Cream Cure
SwampFever - Contracted by swimming in a swamp biome with a FleshWound -Potion Cure

OpenWound - Contracted by being hit with a sword, bleeding, weakness, damage - Bandage Cure

Choking - Contracted by eating food, blocked throat, reduced speech, damage, not able to eat or drink - Good ol' Slap on The Back Cure
Rabies - Contracted by a wolf bite, causes fever, foaming mouth, vomiting, confusion, violent outbursts,speed,strength and heart failure - Potion Cure
The Pox - Contracted by being near too many animals, temperature, sneexing, vomiting, bindness and weakness. Is contagious - Potion Cure

Recipes: All on a crafting table.
Syringe: Blank Blank Lever
Blank Glass Block Blank = Syringe
Stick Blank Blank

Plague Vaccine: Blank Blank Blank
Water Bottle Trip Switch Blank
Blank Blank Blank

Bitterwort: Cures Plague Blank Blank Blank
Dead Bush Water Bottle Ink Sack
Blank Coal Blank

Brightwater: Cures Cholera Blank Blank Blank
Yellow Flower Water Bottle String
Blank Egg Blank

Smoothwater: Cures WhoopingCough Blank Blank Blank
Clay Water Bottle Glowstone Dust
Blank Sugar Blank

Sweetwort: Cures Yellow Fever Blank Blank Blank
GunPowder Water Bottle Egg
Blank Sugar Blank

Bandage: Wollen Bandages Paper Paper Paper
Paper Wool Paper
Paper Paper Paper

Leg Splint: For Broken Legs Stick Stick Blank
Stick Stick Blank
Stick Stick Blank

Warm Gel: Cures Pneumonia Note - To be made in a furnace Magma Cream

Blackbrew: Cures Swamp Fever Blank Blank Bank
Ink Sac Water Bottle Clay
Blank Coal Blank

SoothingPotion: Temporarily Sooths Disease Effects Blank Blank Blank
Blank Yellow Flower Blank
Blank Water Bottle Blank

LycanPotion: Cures Rabies Blank Blank Blank
Wheat Water Bottle Bone
Blank 5xDead Bush Blank

SweetBrine: Cures Pox Blank Blank Blank
Melon Seeds Water Bottle Ink Sac
Blank Egg Blank