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Hello Ethelians!

Our server has recently partnered and merged with the Caeda Roleplay Network! This will provide us with more server memory, the ability to have active updates and administration as well as expansion for our server. This merge calls for some changes:

> Ethelia is now seasonal and will be open during Winter

> While Ethelia is developing and offline, Caeda Roleplay will be online during Summer (June 1st is launch)

> Once Ethelia opens again, we will be starting a new season.

> Our Discord server is now merged. Here's the link https://discord.gg/jU4uXVB

Be sure to join this new server for updates on the development of the network! Thank you for supporting us for Season 1 and happy roleplaying!

Hello players of Ethelia! We will soon be updating our forum and the lore on there. We highly suggest joining our Discord server while this is in progress. This will make lore updates easier for you to access and so you can submit accurate whitelsit applications in the first go! Join today! https://discord.gg/jU4uXVB